Dustin Hopper

Software Engineer

About Me

Software and video game nerd passionate about creating amazing and interesting applications, games, and technology with a user-first design approach. Though I have extensive experience in 3d scanning, computer vision, and sensing, I'm searching for new opportunities within my interests.


• Platforms: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

• Languages: 11 years of C++, 5 years of Objective-C++, C#, Python, Bash, Javascript

• Fortes: Software architecture and design, Multi-threaded processing, GPGPU, platform development

• Skills: App and SDK development, AR/VR, Computer vision, Optics, Computer graphics

• Tools: CMake, Git, Confluence, Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio, Asana



Sr. Software Engineer

Oct. 2021 - Sept. 2022


• Worked with the Core API team to help bring features from Windows and MacOS client-specific codebase into a shared code repository.

• Developed hardware accelerated encoding and decoding of videos through ffmpeg+VideoToolbox and DASH.

• Stepped in and assisted with Windows client-side work, both UI and internal.

• Focused on bug fixes and improvements for a number of final releases of varying products.


Technical Lead / SSE

Aug. 2015 - Jun. 2021

Boulder, Colorado / Remote

• Created, developed, and maintained many internal and external, customer facing APIs and SDKs across multiple platforms, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android.

• Led a small team of engineers through multiple projects from conception to release.

• Drove the development of public-friendly APIs and applications wrapping complex robotic, SLAM-based, and sensor streaming systems.

• Worked with multiple engineers across teams within the company to meet deadlines, including CV, hardware, web, and management.

• Contributed to many company-wide projects, spanning from hardware, AR/VR, SDK and standalone desktop/mobile application software, QAC, UX, web, etc.

• Ported a wide collection of APIs and applications from iOS-only to Windows, Android, Linux, etc.

• Co-lead architect on the initial port for the XP SDK - the cross-platform branch of the at-the-time iOS-only Structure SDK.

• Improved and maintained multiple APIs and applications both internally and externally, driving engineering plans from business input from customers.

• Helped developed numerous applications and demos that led to key deals and partnerships.

Lynx Labs

Cofounder / SW Eng

Jan. 2013 - Aug. 2015

Austin, Texas

Acquired by Occipital

• Designed and architected core modules, build systems, and custom threadsafe, multi-context visualizing engine as an API for engineers with an application framework wrapped around Qt.

• Contributed multiple modules to core API, led design for UX/UI development for embedded device, device driver API for external devices.

• Created custom software update mechanisms, created custom Ubuntu-based operating system and environment for embedded product.

• Created a number of development suites for testing, prototyping, and automation across multiple projects for engineers.

• Organized and maintained Github repository, private Git/Trac server, and dev-Wiki.

• Ported 64-bit desktop API to ARM for use on Android. Working with SDK/NDK integrated development environment with CUDA for Android through TADP.

• Developed scale-able cloud file storage back-end and front-end for uploading encrypted/unencrypted data from an Android application, downloading data from a browser, and decrypting the data using an external desktop application. Cloud file storage service was built on top of AWS+AWS GovCloud and created with the intention of handling encrypted sensitive information and passing HIPAA compliance. Used Node.js and Express server-side and Jade client-side. Android access to the cloud service was handled through a RESTful interface.

Open-source and Passion Projects

Final Fantasy XIV Online

• Active contributor of BardMusicPlayer - an open-source tool used to allow bards in Final Fantasy XIV Online to utilize midi files directly for in-game performance.

• Main author of other tools for in-game performance and ease of use.

• Have learned extensive knowledge in packet sniffing, memory scanning and IPC-like app development.


• Rendering engine for multi-dimensional tracking, reconstruction and mapping, 2014 (WO2015035129A3)

References available upon request.

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